Manage Managers program for C-suite leaders &
heads of tech departments
Next batch in autumn 2024
Early-bird registration until Spetmber 2024
Manage Managers program for C-suite leaders &
heads of tech departments
Next batch in autumn 2024
Early-bird registration until September 2024
About the program
2 months of leadership development program
17 in-person sessions with lectures, case studies, discussions, reflection sessions and guest speeches by the global team of LIT Academy’s experts
2 full-day out-of-town sessions
Engaging participants in mentorship sessions with the leading experts to discuss their learnings & organizational challenges
3 months of 1-on-1 mentorship & coaching
Personalized sessions with LIT Academy’s team of mentors to reflect on your main learnings, current progress, and pressing challenges
Written by us
Shaped by global tech management experts
Delivered by experienced program mentors
  • The Leader's Role
    Leader & Manager: traits & competencies
    The leadership pipeline
    Management & leadership techniques and styles
    Defining the vision and mission
    Engaging in succession planning
    Delegating and fostering autonomy
    Navigating tech landscape
    Setting the tech strategy
    Defining and measuring success
    Engaging in business processes and decisions
  • Mastering Communication
    Collaborating cross-team & cross-functionally
    Maintaining relationships with customers & stakeholders
    Setting foundations for difficult conversations
    Navigating conflict
    Building empathy and emotional intelligence
    Managing up
    Making meetings matter
  • Developing Employees, Teams & Culture
    Coaching for performance and transformations
    Creating and sustaining motivation
    Strategic feedback and evaluation
    The impact of culture and trust
    Understanding team effectiveness
    Diversity, equity & belonging in the team
    Aligning teams with business processes
    Managing performance and underperformance
    Firing, promoting, and retaining challenges
  • Addressing Change
    The nature of change
    Individual-level change dynamics
    The planned change cycle
    Emergent approaches to change
    Leading change
    Decision-making in times of change & ambiguity
    Overcoming resistance
Program Experts
  • Gagik Sukiasyan, Mentor

    Group Sr. Manager, Software Engineering at Adobe

    Gagik is an experienced tech manager with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry.

    He is skilled in driving excellence by mentoring, coaching, and assisting team members to be productive in an agile environment.

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  • Serine Dallakyan, Mentor

    Sr. Engineering Manager at DISQO

    Serine started her journey in software engineering back in 2006 and has been managing tech teams for over 10 years now.

    She is most passionate about the topics of empathy & emotional intelligence, creating & sustaining motivation, and the impact of culture & trust.

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  • Harutyun Baghdasaryan, Advisor

    Vice President, Software Engineering at QLess

    Harutyun is a technology leader with a demonstrated history of helping individuals, teams, and leaders create success. Harutyun builds high-performance software development teams and delivers outstanding products by leveraging strategic thinking and agile processes.

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  • Arsen Babayan, Advisor

    Director of Engineering, Adobe

    Arsen has been in the software industry since 2001. As a manager, he is heavily invested in helping each individual improve personally and professionally while building value for the organization.

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  • Dr Meri Duryan, Advisor

    Knowledge and Skills Operations Manager, Arup

    Meri is a highly experienced organizational learning professional and APM-certified change management practitioner.

    Meri has designed the curriculum of the "Addressing Change" module of the "Manage Managers" program.

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Check out testimonials from those who have experienced the transformative power of LIT Academy's programs. From career advancement to enhanced skill sets, our participants' feedback showcases the tangible benefits that await you.
Aramayis Hovhannisyan
Founder, Advisor at QT-Lab
Manage Managers program graduate, 2023
Attending the “Manage Managers” program was a valuable experience for me. The sessions were well-prepared and the facilitators were knowledgeable and effective in their presentations. Real-life cases discussed during the training were particularly helpful, as they allowed us to apply the concepts & techniques learned in a practical way. The program was very effective in improving my management skills and I would highly recommend it to other managers.
Mushegh Aslikyan
Head of Customer Success, ArctX
Manage Managers program graduate, 2023
The program provided me with valuable insights and tools to develop my skills in leadership, communication, team development, and change management. The program was especially helpful in providing real-life case studies that allowed me to apply the concepts to practical situations. Overall, I found the "Manage Managers" program an incredibly worthwhile experience, and I feel more equipped to lead my team thanks to the program.
Varduhi Samvelyan
Project Delivery Manager at Marktguru
Manage People program graduate, 2023
By participating in the “Manage People” program, individuals can benefit from the wisdom and expertise of experienced leaders, enabling them to enhance their own leadership capabilities. During the course, I acquired valuable insights and practical techniques. The sessions were interactive, incorporating workshops, discussions, and case studies. For those seeking to enhance their leadership skills, I recommend checking out LIT Academy's future programs.
Erik Arzumanyan
Lead Software Engineer at DISQO
Manage People program graduate, 2023
I can attest to the value of the “Manage People” program. The mentors leading the course have been exceptional, providing guidance and support throughout the program. The opportunity to share insights and experiences with fellow leaders has been invaluable in broadening my understanding of leadership. The community-building aspect of the course has also been a highlight, as I have connected with other professionals from diverse backgrounds.
Andranik Avetisyan
Engineering Manager at Ultra Labs
Manage People program graduate, 2023
LIT Academy is a place where experienced leaders openly share their wisdom, and you get to network with present and upcoming tech leaders.

You will explore fresh topics, and challenge your views, but most importantly, LIT Academy will help you refine your leadership skills, directly addressing some common gaps we observe in our teams today.
What we offer
  • 32 hours of content from leading industry experts
  • 2 full-day out-of-town sessions
  • 4 months of 1-on-1 mentorship cycle
  • Lifetime access to all materials
  • Annual retreat session with program experts
  • Access to leaders’ private community & closed events
  • LIT Academy’s Certificate of leadership development
Participation fee:
1,350,000 AMD per participant

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